Well crafted and
effective training and

programs were much more
difficult and time
consuming than I ever
expected, yet much more
valuable than I ever
imagined. Good thing we
had Emergence One.

Training and CommunicationsThe foundation of any successful project or change initiative.

A well-managed communication and training plan is essential to any project which impacts a fair number of stakeholders. Unless stakeholders understand the need, benefits, and relevant specifics about a business project or operational change, commitment or motivation to comply will never develop. All too often, busy project team members fail to realize how complex and time consuming developing and coordinating a well-managed training and communication program can be. Emergence One offer the following services and solutions for training and communication.


  • Stakeholder communications – Project progress is often judged by how well you communicate to others. Stakeholders, whether they are executives funding the project, senior managers providing governance and direction, or employees who will be affected by the initiative, communications need to be more than just clear, concise and consistent, they need to be compelling and convincing as well. Emergence One communication solutions do more than just “inform” or “build awareness.” Our communication plans motivate and build commitment as well.
  • Project communications – It is not enough to simply communicate outwards. Project momentum, which will affect meeting the project timeline and budget, is based upon strong intra-team communications. Project roles and responsibilities, status reports, issue management, cross-functional communication, scope changes, etc. are just some of the areas Emergence One can help ensure that all team members know what they should be doing,, when they should be doing it, and how the actions of others can influence their scope of work.

Training and Competency Development:

  • Training Strategy and Plan - Effective employee and end-user trainer begins with a good strategy and plan based upon a comprehensive training needs assessment. Emergence One knows how quickly the cost of an effective training initiative can skyrocket, that is why we explore innovative, cost effective options to meet your learning and development objectives.
  • Training & Competency Development – Almost all organizational initiatives requires a certain degree of training or competency development, whether is traditional classroom training, innovative Computer Based Training (CBT’s), distance or network enabled training, or on-the-job training. Emergence One can develop customized training and competency development materials, including train-the-train approaches , job aids, and

Our Experience

We have developed training and communication programs for a few hundred users to tens of thousands. Because E1 consultants are also skilled in project execution, we know how to execute large, complex programs to geographically dispersed stakeholder groups.