New rules for managing change are long overdue. Emergence One is pioneering the next generation of change management approaches and solutions that are more effective, practical, and methodical than what anyone else is offering.

Change Management Bay Area

The Next Evolution of Change Management – An enhanced, more effective approach to managing the entire change process.

Everyone knows how important managing change is, but not everyone knows that most change management practices today rely on outdated assumptions or have narrowly defined roles that offer limited value.

In the New Rules for Managing Change workshop, project professionals will learn that in order to effectively manage change and be an influential contributor to overall success, a broader and more rigorous approach to change must be adopted. It is not enough to simply focus on the assumed reactions of impacted stakeholders, but also influence and manage changes to project and organizational processes, policies, and support structures as well.

Developed by Thomas Jarocki, author of "The Next Evolution – Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management," you will learn:

  • Why change management has unfortunately devolved to being little more than tail-end training and PR initiatives … and why the change management challenges that occur earlier in the project life cycle are more deserving of your time and talents
  • What the "new rules" are for managing change, and why applying these new rules will measurable increase your value to clients and project managers
  • What some of the unique challenges are facing both internal and external change consultants, and how to overcome the barriers that may prevent you from being as effective and influential as you can be
  • How to structure your change management activities so that your plans are more rigorous, your deliverables are more tangible, and your value is more noticeable.

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