The E1 Method provides a efficient, seamless integration of project management expertise with change management proficiency.  

It is a more effective approach than many of the disjointed project management/change management partnerships in use today.

The E1 Method for Project Execution and Organizational Change is the breakthrough project methodology that addresses not only all the essential project planning and execution tasks, but all the stakeholder management and organizational change issues that can make or break project success.

Up until now, most, organizations had to rely on an inefficient and disjointed approach of applying practices from the fields of both project management and organizational/ behavioral change management in order to achieve total project/organizational success. Despite good intentions, applying these two separate disciplines to one initiative often resulted in increasing expenses, stakeholder frustration, and the implementation timeline.

Fortunately, there is a better way. The Emergence One Method (E1 Method) is a comprehensive project methodology that integrates and enhances the most effective practices, tools, and techniques from the fields of both project management and [organizational] change management. This proven, practical approach has enhanced the way business, IT, process reengineering, organizational transformation , and strategy deployment projects are managed and executed in various Fortune 500 companies and other organizations.

The E1 (Emergence One) Method offers:

  • A comprehensive, unified approach to addressing and executing essential project and change management activities and tasks; eliminating the inefficient, disjointed practice of procuring and managing two sets of project resources and plans
  • A tangible, rigorous, yet practical approach to addressing the numerous human, political, and organizational change issues that can impede project momentum, return on investment, and business value.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for project managers and change practitioners in order to eliminate overlapping activities, optimize joint opportunities, and facilitate more productive, collaborative relationships.
  • Clear step-by-step guidance, including real-world insights and helpful caveats, on completing all the necessary activities, tasks, and deliverables within each project phase; from project initiation through implementation and business value realization.

The Emergence One Method can be used either as a standalone project methodology, or utilized to enhance existing approaches. It is fully scalable for use on projects of all sizes, even when minimal organizational changes or end-user impacts are expected.

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