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"Projects are the vehicles of change"

Total project success is more than just achieving the traditional project management success criteria of "on time, within budget, and according to specifications." It also means having the resulting change adopted and decisively utilized by the organization to create business value and a positive return on investment (ROI).

Since projects are the vehicles of change, there needs to be an evolution towards a more comprehensive, unified approach to achieving both project and organizational change success:

The Next Evolution – Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management details:

  • How project success and organizational change success are inextricably linked throughout the entire project life cycle.
  • What the five components of total project success are, and why project managers and change practitioners need to form stronger, collaborative relationships in order to achieve them.
  • Why most project management approaches fall short in mitigating the “people issues,” but how most change management approaches fail to add value due to their narrow focus, outdated assumptions, and inability to fully integrate with project plans.
  • What all the necessary steps, activities, and real-world insights are to optimizing both people and process.
  • What the challenges and inefficiencies that come with applying two separate, yet critical, project disciplines to a single initiative are… and what can be done about it
  • What the critical stakeholder management needs are for each phase of the project life cycle, and how best to address them without sacrificing project momentum.
  • How jointly applying the insights, perspectives, tools, and techniques of both project and change management will lead to greater project quality, momentum, and ultimately success
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