As a change management professional, I regularly interact
with other project team members. Understanding the essential tools and techniques of project management helps me to enhance my
credibility and effectiveness.

Project Implementation and Support Services In San Francisco

Applying greater rigor and discipline to the change management/ stakeholder management profession.

As a change management professional, you know how critical it is to establish credibility with project managers and sponsors.

While your “people skills” may be excellent, becoming a valued member of a project team often requires more. You need to be able to read, understand, and fully integrate with complex, sometimes highly technical, project plans. You need to understand the methods, language, and key activities that project managers utilize so that can establish better, more collaborative and effective working relationships with project managers and the broader project team.

You also need to apply the commonly accepted tools and techniques of project management to your activities so you too can also stay on time, within budget, and within clearly defined scope specifications.

Emergence One, the influential leader in integrating hard and soft skills, offers one and two day training classes and workshops on how change management professionals and other project resources can apply greater structure, rigor, and discipline to their activities . This will allow talented project professionals to build stronger, more collaborative relationships with project managers and more technically-focused project teams.

In this one to two day training, you will learn:

  • Why an effective change program is as much project-centric as it is people-centric
  • How to apply more structure, rigor, and discipline to change management related activities
  • Learn the same essential skills that professional project managers rely on when determining project scope, budget, and schedule
  • How to read sophisticated master project plans, and find the change management “touch-points” between project activities and stakeholder/change management activities

Contact us today to let us know when you or your organization would be interested in developing a holistic skills set that merges people skills and projects skills.