Unlike other OCM
‘experts’ who only know
the people side,
Emergence One
can seamlessly integrate
OCM activities
into an
ERP implementation
project life cycle

IT Implementation Support In San Francisco

Oracle & SAP OCMAugmenting ERP implementations with a broadly focused organizational
change management plan

You are offering your customers or internal clients great new technology. But despite the reliability of the technology, there are still a myriad of critical people and organizational issues standing in the way of a successful implementation.

Organizational politics, slow decision making, competing agendas, lack of commitment or resources, poor understanding of business benefits, team performance and end-user adoption concerns, etc. are just some of the things that technically focused project teams don’t have the time, or depth of experience, to address in a timely manner.

Emergence One Consulting has years of experience working on large-scale projects. We possess a vast array of “lessons learned” which will benefit your implementation regardless of what stage in the project lifecycle you are currently in.

Our roots are in Oracle ERP implementations. Since then, we have branched out to support other ERP vendors , most notably SAP. And because we don’t compete in the technical arena, we have build successful partnering relationships with large system integration firms such as IBM, Deloitte, and Accenture.

Emergence One consultants are more than just “people-people.” They understand the complexities of the ERP project life cycle as well as the specific impacts a ERP driven charge has on business functions and the organizational structure.

For more information on how our suite of SAP OCM services, or to hear learn about how we have successfully partnered with some of the world’s largest systems integrations firms, contact us.