Emergence One practices
the 'next evolution'
of change management…
an approach to change
that is fully integrated with
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Change Management Consulting Services

The Next Evolution of Change ManagementWhen initiatives require an updated, more effective business-focused approach to managing the entire organizational change process.

As most experienced project sponsors and managers will tell you, organizational initiatives require at least a certain degree of change management if they are going to fully succeed. Unfortunately, most change management consultants today do not have the robust skills required to handle the change challenge that most business and IT projects present. This is why Emergence One literally wrote the book and pioneered what is being consider by many to be the "next evolution of change management".

Compare and contrast the Emergence One approach with the more traditional, less effective approaches:

Traditional Change Management Approaches Emergence One’s Integrated Project Management/ Change Management Approach
Focuses solely on "the people side" and works in a silo away from the broader project team. What happens on the project-side can impact what happens on the “people-side” (and vice-versa). By fully integrating the leading-edge practices from both the project management and change management disciplines, there is a unified approach to achieving total project success.
Focuses on the individual… “personal change” and defines organizational readiness from a purely personal view. Successful organizational change requires more than just making impacted employees competent and aware. E1’s approach focuses on all the critical organizational components that go into organizational change success: people, process, customer-focused designs, cooperative support organizations, corporate policies and procedures, etc.
Focuses only on the recipients of the change. While this group is critical, there are greater stakeholder challenges which typically appear earlier in the project life cycle. E1 works with all stakeholders, such as executives who may be waffling on key decisions, or an internal organization hesitant to provide project resources.
Activities are primarily deployment focused PR type communications - the “go sell this change” approach. You can’t sell a bad idea. Besides, many projects are killed long before the deployment phase mainly due to unmitigated stakeholder issues. That is why E1 works directly with the project team and key decision-makers throughout the entire project.
Focuses mainly on achieving good feelings. Most feelings-based approaches are based upon outdated models that don’t necessary lead to business value realization. E1 focuses on achieving the necessary business objectives… sometimes the ”heart and soul” issues are prominent, sometimes less so.
Trained in “people skills” but not task execution or project management skills. It is one thing to know how to write a project newsletter, it is quite another thing to know how to efficiently execute a communication plan to hundreds of geographically dispersed stakeholders. E1 consultants are adept at both project and change management.

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